or they sneeze when it's hairy


At first, only one of them appeared. It crept its way into our world. It was strange. It stank.
It didn’t belong here. It reminded us of things we’d rather not think about. But now it was here, staring at us.

In the production CREACHING OUT or they sneeze when it’s hairy, [mostly] harmless once again question the relationship between humans and monsters. What prejudices shape it? What role do physical appearances, mythological references and historically grown images play?
In film and the media, the encounter between people and monsters is often portrayed stereotypically: they are frightened, they screech, they hide, they sneeze when it’s hairy.

Now they will no longer stay in darkness. They will bravely go out into the world. They will find their way through the city and stink and stare and finally invent their own heroic epic. In form of a parade, everyone is invited to join the performers in the centre of Hildesheim / Bochum to become part of the monsters` journey.

CREACHING OUT or they sneeze when it’s hairy will be created in spring 2022 as part of the “deB├╝hne” funding program of Theaterhaus Hildesheim.