[mostly] harmless

Since 2018, Mira-Alina Schmidt and Anna-Luise Binder have been developing and realizing scenic projects in cooperation with various people and institutions in the Ruhr area.

Their works are approaches to various artistic-aesthetic formats and subject areas that are tried out and linked in an interdisciplinary manner.

For their joint work processes especially croissants, cultural pessimism and fog are relevant.

[mostly] harmless Associates

Kulturhaus Thealozzi in Bochum, Tanz-Arbeit Oberhausen, Kunsthaus Mitte in Oberhausen, Selbermachen Ringlokschuppen Ruhr, Amelie Werner, Elena Ubrig, Lesley-Ann Kern, Stefan Elpe, Thomas Lehmen, Marco Gnuschke, Julius Kindermann, Sina Geist, Stefan Moll, Linda Cooper, Harald Schulte, Oper, Skepsis und Gleisbau, Frank Niehusmann, Gabriele Hammelmann & Johnny Depp`s Cardboard-Double