[mostly] harmless

Mira-Alina Schmidt and Anna-Luise Binder have been developing and realizing scenic projects in cooperation with various people and institutions in the Ruhr area since 2018.

In the beginning of their cooperation and next to their activities in Theatre Studies in Bochum, they took over the artistic direction of the 55+ dance theatre group of the Ringlokschuppen Ruhr for two seasons.

Their works are approaches to various artistic-aesthetic formats and subject areas that are tried out and linked in an interdisciplinary manner.
For their joint work processes especially croissants, cultural pessimism and fog are relevant.

Currently the both of them are working on a Master’s degree, Scenic Research in Bochum (Mira) and Staging the Arts in Hildesheim (Luise).

[mostly] harmless Associates

Kulturhaus Thealozzi Bochum, Tanz-Arbeit Oberhausen, Kunsthaus Mitte in Oberhausen, Selbermachen Ringlokschuppen Ruhr

Amelie Werner, Lesley-Ann Kern, Stefan Elpe, Marco Gnuschke, Sina Geist, Thomas Lehmen, Elena Ubrig, Stefan Moll,
Linda Cooper, Harald Schulte & Johnny Depp’s cardboard-double