Music Video “Krishna Mond”

Music: Flowerpornoes
Video Concept: [mostly] harmless
Performance: Mira-Alina Schmidt
Camera: Anna-Luise Binder
Editing: Mira-Alina Schmidt
Technical Support: Julius Kindermann and Marco Gnuschke

‘Mostly Harmless’ is the title of the fifth volume of the four-volume series ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’, conceived by author Douglas Adams and refers to the judgment about the human race recorded in the fictional logbook. [mostly] harmless is also an artistic duo, consisting of MIRA-ALINA SCHMIDT and ANNA-LUISE BINDER. The two were introduced to the circle of “those who my friend knew”, by HARALD SCHULTE (world famous through the FEDERKLEID video). Elements from Butoh and Physical Theatre, coupled with a Bjoerkian sense for the poetically bizarre carry the performance to KRISHNA MOND. Since almost all the euphemistic superlatives that also apply here appeared in the text for TÄNZER, we just say ‘Wow!!!’ absolutely without reservation.

Musician Tom Liwa (Flowerpornoes) about the cooperation

© [mostly] harmless


Welcome to the monster playground.

CREATURE FEATURE displays moments of dance between people and monsters. Monstrous creatures can be observed moving in an urban public sphere. While they are normally to be found in spaces aside of a society that has produced them, the monsters are now directly exposed to the viewer.

In producing their first film, the artist duo [mostly] harmless, together with four dancers, poses the question of what is labelled and perceived as monstrous.     

Artistic Direction / Choreography / Camera/ Post-Production:
Anna-Luise Binder and Mira-Alina Schmidt
Linda Cooper, Sina Geist, Stefan Moll, Mira-Alina Schmidt
and Harald Schulte
Sound Composition:
Marco Gnuschke and Julius Kindermann  

Article (in German) about the project in the :bszonline
Monster gut! Alles gut! | Bochumer Stadt- und Studierendenzeitung (

Co-produced by Tanz-Arbeit Oberhausen (funded by TANZPAKT RECONNECT and the City of Oberhausen).
Funded by the City of Bochum. Kindly supported by Kunsthaus Mitte Oberhausen
and Kulturhaus Thealozzi e.V. in Bochum.

© Sina Geist



Who owns Pop culture? Who is part of it?
Who is given a voice?

In our daily perception of Pop-cultural content, most of the time we don`t consciously reflect on the ideas they convey. Between hip videos, funny memes and viral tweets, the increasing polarization of Pop seems barely to be noticed
– after all, everything is nice and noisy.

As part of a multimedia-based choreography that combines dance with audio-visual elements, the performers expose themselves to current phenomena of Pop. A Pop-cultural meditation including content from music, film and social media enables them to experimentally explore Pop as an omnipresent materialization of political positions.  

Direction and Performance:
Anna-Luise Binder and Mira-Alina Schmidt
Amelie Werner
Technical Support:
Marco Gnuschke
Video Editing:
Mira-Alina Schmidt

Funded by the City of Bochum. Kindly supported by Kulturhaus Thealozzi e.V. in Bochum.

© Björn Stork


Live Radio Play 55+

Become part of “Intergalactic Updatedesaster 7”, the new planetbuster of the millennium, which will undoubtedly tie all organic and non-organic life forms to the cinema chairs for several years – and of course all non-material life forms!

Six performers at the age of 55+ take on the challenge of trying out Science Fiction as a genre that is new to them. Together they are staging an experimental format in stereo.

Anne Hochgürtel, Anna-Luise Binder, Gabriele Hammelmann, Elke Ungerer, Maren Vltavsky, Mira-Alina Schmidt, Dorothee Söldner, Bärbel Weiland, Stefan Elpe
Mira-Alina Schmidt and Anna-Luise Binder
Music & Sound:
Stefan Elpe
Technical Support:
Marco Gnuschke

© Mira-Alina Schmidt
© Björn Stork

KOMA Rückwärts

KOMA| AMOK do not appear by chance.
KOMA| AMOK are symptoms of a time, consequences of our coexistence, reactions to a confused world.

The dance theatre production “KOMA Rückwärts” captures fragments of an attitude towards life. Seven performers at the age of 55+ dedicate themselves to a society in which we get along with each other as a community. But maybe we don`t. Do we have to become heroes? Do we still have time? What do we actually want?

“I finally want to swim, but I’m a little piece of sugar slowly dissolving in a huge cup of coffee.”
(Marc Becker)

Anna-Luise Binder and Mira-Alina Schmidt
Silke Beller, Maria Grün, Gabriele Hammelmann, Anne Hochgürtel, Elke Ungerer, Maren Vltavsky, Bärbel Weiland
Stefan Elpe