We are invited to listen to the sound of their fully automated thinking. They are self-confident machines and they are not afraid of anything. In a computer-generated choreography, the robots glide through their inner and outer space: their synthetic thinking is translated into a complex composition of machine rhythms and melodies. Vocoder voices meet electronic sounds, minimal beats and bionic neo-bodies. Everything has always been about eliminating the most threatening cause of failure: humans.

Premiere: 26th of August 2022
Platzhirsch-Festival Duisburg

Music: Frank Niehusmann
Texts, Stage Design, Robots, Choreography: [mostly] harmless
Dramaturgy: Gabriele Hammelmann

Die Roboterinnen is a cooperation of
Oper, Skepsis und Gleisbau and [mostly] harmless
with .dott e.V. and Eckart Pressler


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