Presented by Tanz-Arbeit Oberhausen

CREACHING OUT [OF OBERHAUSEN] deals with the human idea of “the monster”. Together with dancers from Oberhausen, the artist collective [mostly] harmless assembles the monsters and their stories. 

They are not afraid of the unknown. The monsters will be freed from their clichèes throughout a choreography everybody can be part of. They will no longer be strangers on the fringes of society. Crawling, smelly, hairy and slimy, they gather in the middle of Oberhausen at the “Supermarkt der Ideen”.

Monsters are either everybody – or nobody!

By and with:
Anna-Luise Binder, Thomas Lehmen, Mina, Pauli Nafer, Elke Ungerer, Doralisa Reinoso de Tafel, Choice Samsin, Mira-Alina Schmidt, Laura Schönlau

Performance dates:
01.10.2022, 6pm Supermarkt der Ideen, Oberhausen
02.10.2022, 6pm Supermarkt der Ideen, Oberhausen