Die Roboterinnen

© Sina Geist

We can listen to the sound of their fully automated thinking. They are self-confident machines and are not afraid of anything. In a computer-generated choreography, the robots glide through their inner and outer space: their synthetic art of thinking revolves around the “human as source of error” and sounds to us as a complex of machine rhythms, vocoder voices and electronic sounds.

Music: Frank Niehusmann
Texts, Light: Anna-Luise Binder
Robots, Stage, Choreography:
Mira-Alina Schmidt
Dramaturgy: Gabriele Hammelmann

The Robots is a cooperation of
Oper, Skepsis und Gleisbau and [mostly] harmless with .dott e.V. and Eckart Pressler

The robots were funded by the Kunststiftung NRW and the Regionalverband Ruhr.